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Top Photographers your brand should know

We are proud to announce our work has been recognized as one of the top 5 lifestyle photographers in PhotoShelter's List. The site hosts more than 80,000 professional photographers worldwide. Download the lookbook here.

 Click the image above to download the lookbook.

Click the image above to download the lookbook.

From PhotoShelter: 

Here at PhotoShelter, we’re fortunate to work with thousands of professional photographers and hundreds of innovative brands who know the power of visual storytelling. Now, we are bringing these two groups of creative people together, and we hope it will help you make some magic. For the first time ever, we’ve assembled an exclusive list of the top photographers on PhotoShelter — our platform used by over 80,000 professional photographers to showcase, store, deliver and sell their images. Our panel of judges selected 90 PhotoShelter photographers who all exhibit a superior portfolio, excellent photography, and a convincing pitch to potential clients. These photographers span across 18 major categories including sports, lifestyle, food, events and travel. Whether you’re searching for great photographers to hire, hoping to license stunning imagery, or looking for advice from the experts, you’ve come to the right place. This lookbook features more details about each photographer, ranging from their contact information to their top tips for brands. If you’d like to get in touch with a photographer featured here, feel free to reach out directly. And if you do find a new contact, let us know! Nothing makes us happier than connecting brands and creatives. Just shoot us an email at

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Robert Zaleski

Client: Active Fashion Group

Fall / Winter 17 Campaign

Creative Direction
Talent Sourcing
Location Scouting
Video Production

With the launch of their latest product line Soybu invited us to work with their marketing and design team to create a series of seasonal campaigns focused around the brands product inspiration – to move in comfort and confidence. In the months leading up to the shoot our team worked diligently to source talent, scout locations remotely and collaborate with the in-house team to develop a comprehensive shot list and ultimately set up an intensive two-day photo and video production on location in Colorado. Each shoot day consisted of a strict shooting schedule requiring travel to multiple outdoor locations to ensure we captured everything on our shot list. In addition to providing on-location stills and video, we also shot all of the brands product photography back home in the studio –  ensuring a consistent look across all printed materials including an online lookbook. In the end, our collaborative efforts helped to create beautiful and authentic lifestyle images that help communicate the brands message effectively.

Behind-the-scenes on location

Working with Robert and Nicole is a dream.
— wendy weeks / marketing manager

Robert Zaleski
photo shop / the story behind the image
 Paddlerboarder in the lagoon at Bear Glacier in Kenai National Fjords, Alaska. Photo by Robert Zaleski /

Paddlerboarder in the lagoon at Bear Glacier in Kenai National Fjords, Alaska. Photo by Robert Zaleski /

Weather changes quickly in the northern, frozen frontier and this day proved to be no exception. It was my second trip to Alaska; after the first, I was hooked on the landscape and endless opportunity for adventure.

This time around, I would be exploring the area outside the Kenai Fjords National Park with a group of friends, two of whom own and operate Liquid Adventures, an outfitting and guiding service specializing in sea kayaking, kayak fishing and paddleboard trips out of the small coastal town of Seward. To get to this location, which would be our basecamp for the next week, we motored out of the harbor and headed an hour south through Resurrection Bay.

The majority of this particular day was warm and filled with clear skies and direct sunlight, but by mid-afternoon an eerie fog began to roll in from the nearby open ocean to the protected bay where we were paddling. I paddled ahead of the group to set up this photo and quickly got far enough that I couldn’t spot them through the increasingly dense fog.

Positioning my paddleboard near a small chunk of ice, I removed my camera from its drybag, carefully balancing my body while lying on my chest and propping myself up on my elbows. Holding a telephoto lens, I anticipated the composition of my photo while patiently waiting for my subjects to emerge from the grey abyss. It was surreal to be completely alone, engulfed in the thick fog and unable to see anything other than the ice floating nearby. After waiting several minutes in a peaceful silence, I shot this image as the paddlers slowly materialized in the distance.

This piece was recently published along with a few other images in the 2015 Annual Paddling Buyer’s Guide. See more here.

In addition to Robert’s extensive skills as a photographer, his personable nature, passion and style make other people want to become a photographer, including me.
— chris mautino / owner / liquid adventures

Robert Zaleski
North of Nowhere
 Paddlers Sean Poynter (left) and Zane Schweitzer (right) surf an empty break along Vancouver Island's rugged and remote coast. Photo by Robert Zaleski/

Paddlers Sean Poynter (left) and Zane Schweitzer (right) surf an empty break along Vancouver Island's rugged and remote coast. Photo by Robert Zaleski/

A Lonely Paradise / Finding solace, and surf, on Vancouver Island.

Located in British Columbia on Canada’s southern west coast, Vancouver Island is the largest Pacific island east of New Zealand. Perhaps the most well-known spot along the western coast of the island is Tofino. A small surf town and popular summertime tourist destination. We traveled to this rugged and remote stretch of coastline with professional standup paddlers and Starboard team riders Zane Schweitzer and Sean Poynter. The crew also included Allan Gornall, Maris MacDonald and Stuart Robinson, three area locals who offered to serve as our guides for the trip.

A Lonely Paradise was first published in print form in the Spring 2013 issue of SUP magazine. It recently appeared as a digital feature here. To watch a video from this trip, click here.

 Our shot of Zane Schweitzer on the cover of SUP magazine

Our shot of Zane Schweitzer on the cover of SUP magazine

Robert consistently captures the unique, personal experiences that unfold as we seek adventure on the water. From big rivers to exposed breaks, he documents this common impulse with the rugged personalities and landscapes that connect paddlesports’ varied ends with unmatched precision and creative vision.
— Dave shively / editor

Did you know?

Aside from photographing numerous covers and feature stories, we also designed SUP magazine’s logo – pretty cool, huh? 

Robert Zaleski
Cover shoot

The good folks at Firebrand Media recently commissioned us to photograph their July/August issue cover. The project consisted of three separate shoots. We worked with Taylor of Paddleboard Bliss – a local yoga instructor who practices (and teaches) yoga on a paddleboard.

In the end, a sup yoga image was chosen for the cover which offered great negative space with plenty of room for headlines and copy. One of the underwater images made a cameo on the TOC (that’s magazine speak for Table of Contents). Here’s the final cover along with a few images that didn’t quite make the cut. Click here to see the digital issue in it’s entirety.

We love collaborating with art directors to create unique images that not only stand out and look great on their own, but that will compliment the design as well. Contact us for help with your next project and see why editors and art directors alike trust us to get the shot.

Robert Zaleski